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About Us

We specialise in quality tours for the solo traveller 50+.

World Travellers Remuera is part of a group of 24 stores throughout New Zealand.  Every World Travellers store is owner-operated by real Kiwis who belong to the fastest growing travel cooperative in New Zealand. We are well established travel professionals who have developed our own unique brand dedicated to world travellers just like you. World Travellers stores enjoy 90%+ repeat and referral business which shows we must be doing something right.  World Travellers stores are all TAANZ bonded which provides financial protection for clients.                                 

Tracey Burfield-Mills (MNZITT)

Tracey Burfield-Mills Tracey has been creating holidays for clients for over 30 years and is now specialising in tours for solo travellers.  She is the owner/operator of World Travellers Remuera and puts together all the itneraries for our tours based on years of travelling experience.  She is a full member of the New Zealand Intitute of Travel and Tourism (MNZITT). "Solo travellers have been sadly neglected in the past, says Tracey.    We are the first (and currently only) company in New Zealand that offers tours exclusively for solo travellers.  The difference for a solo traveller travelling on one of our tours is huge.  Being part of a small group of solo travellers provides a wonderful intimate experience where it is like travelling with a group of friends.  Everyone is in the same situation which provides a relaxing and comfortable environment.  I also love the fact we all get together prior to departure.  Getting to know each other prior to the tour eases any anxiety about who will be on the tour etc so that by the time we all meet at the airport we are all familiar with each other and can look forward to doing and seeing some amazing things and having fun. I am there to make sure all goes to plan and take care of all the details so my group can sit back and enjoy.  I absolutely loved escorting my first  Boutique Journey for Solo Traveller groups to Belgium, Holland, Scandinavia and Russia in June 2015 and every one since then.   I meet such great people, see and do  great things, and have sooo much fun! I cannot wait for the next one".


Feedback from previous tours

Would you consider doing another Boutique Journeys for Solo Travellers tour again – 100% Yes

Would you recommend Boutique Journeys for Solo Travellers tours to your friends – 100% Yes

Do you think that being a group of solo travellers made the experience better for you – 100% Yes